Theme Randomizer 2.5

Theme Randomizer is used for changing the MS Windows 95/98 theme. Theme Randomizer can be configured to apply a randomly choosen theme or the next theme in the list, as well as you may just select a theme from a list of themes.

Theme Randomizer allows you to specify a program that applies themes: Microsoft Plus! Themes, or Leftside Software Desktop Themes, or any other program that supports the standard application of themes. Also just select the Themes Folder that you wish to use and Theme Randomizer will search that folder any sub-folders for theme files, allowing you to sort your theme files in sub-folders.

Version 2.5 addresses the problem of the menu not being displayed in Windows 98. This is caused by a difference in how Win98 displays menus. If the menu does not display run the included editor to select "Display Menu in One Column". This will let Windows handle menus that are too large for the screen. If your total menu will fit on the screen feel free to break it into columns. There have been some other minor fixes and changes.